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Rankin Co. flood maps change

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you live or do business in Rankin County your flood risk may have changed, and Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and insurance representatives had a few suggestions for citizens on Tuesday evening. 

The risk level in certain areas changed based on information gathered by engineers. 

According to Greg Flynn with MEMA, changes can occur because of geography.

"It could be along a stream a creek a lake, anywhere that FEMA thought there was a need to update," Flynn said.

In other cases, it's construction and development that dictate change.

"There's a new parkway, there's new houses, there are new buildings all going up," he said.

Flynn says many people have the mindset that it won't happen to them.

"The biggest natural disaster we have in this country is floods," he said. "And they happen the most often. The most recurring are floods."

Flood zones are areas where there is a high probability of flooding, but that doesn't mean they don't occur elsewhere. In fact, when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, there were a number of floods that occurred in areas with a low probability.

"After a disaster FEMA will come in. But the most you're going to get from FEMA if you qualify. The largest grant your going to grant is 33,000."

If a person owns a home and they have never had a flood, they might feel that there's no need to carry flood insurance. Flood insurance isn't a requirement, but if if your house does flood you might not have the money to rebuild without it.

Ray Coleman with MEMA admits that the insurance process can be a little scary, but that's when you speak to an insurance company.

"Don't freak out about it just know what your options are," Coleman said. "The better you know your options the better you know what to do."

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