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Brandon Amphitheater hoping to bring business and fun

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Brandon Amphitheater box office opens this week, and their first concert is on Wed. April 18. Their first concert sold out in 45 minutes, and the venue is slotted down for several other events this month. 

The big project is looking to bring the city of Brandon a lot of business and a lot of foot traffic. That's because Butch Lee, the mayor of Brandon and architects designed the venue after looking at several other successful venues in the south.

"We've modeled after the success story of Orange Beach, Tuscaloosa, Nashville," said Lee. "I can remember when Goodman Road was a two-lane road that was dark, wasn't anything on from I-55 all the way over there; now it's restaurants, hotels, automobile dealerships. So it attracts that money, that private investment, and that's what we want to do here in Brandon." 

One issue that locals are growing worried about is the traffic. The amount of people driving and coming to the venue has become a topic for people coming into Brandon. 

"We have an 800 car parking lot across the street, we have the baseball field, and parking all over, added Mayor Lee. "We built this place strategically between Exit 54 and 56 so that after the show traffic can go east and west. We'll be ready to handle all of that. Most shows let out at 10:30-11:30 range. That'll be the only traffic on the streets at that time. So traffic is going to go well." 

The venue is modern, clean and very pleasing to the eye. The city drew up and planned the amphitheater for people to enjoy concerts without any worries, and it looks the city knows people will be entertained. 

"What I want to be doing is sitting out here on the side as these shows come to a conclusion and ask people are you coming back? You'll also hear a resounding this was dynamite, man it's easy to get into, clean, no portable john's, I'm not sitting in the grass, I'm not standing in mud, great concession, great act, plenty of security so its just a wonderful experience I want to come back to," said Lee. 

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