Metro coaches weigh in on possibility of instant replay in high - - Jackson, MS

Metro coaches weigh in on possibility of instant replay in high school football

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JACKSON METRO AREA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Alabama High School Athletic Association announced Thursday that they will experiment with the use of instant replay this upcoming season.

Could we see the same come to Mississippi? 

Coaches around the metro weighed in on the possibility of instant replay coming to Mississippi and what effect they believe it would have on the game. 

WATCH: Metro coaches on possibility of instant replay

"I'd be interested to see how it works out for Alabama in the upcoming season," said Northwest Rankin head coach Toby Collums. I'd be interested to see how they make that work for them, what the cost is to get a system in place you can actually use to overturn calls, to determine whether or not a ball is caught, or if it was an incomplete, fumbles calls, scores at the goal line. If you can work out a system where it's going to work and benefit everyone, I think it's a good idea."

The National Federation of State High School Associations granted permission to AHSAA to use instant replay. DVSport, Inc. will partner with AHSAA for instant replay. According to AHSAA, Alabama will join Minnesota and New Jersey in the instant replay experiment all season; Minnesota and New Jersey currently use instant replay in championship games only.  

Together, both the AHSAA and DVSport Instant Replay will study data involving instant replay over the next year with the possibility of expanding instant replay on the high school football level in Alabama to three years.

"I think it is (worth it), especially if you can afford it," said Clinton head coach Judd Boswell. "I don't know how much it will cost but just thinking about the SkyCoach, the sideline huddle that we have now. Just about everywhere we play, you see TVs on the sidelines. That is film being downloaded from the previous series that you can go and start going though it. I think it's probably already there. With the technology we already have, I don't think it would be hard to implement."

"We understand that our software and our cameras that we use will not be at the same level as the NCAA or the NFL, but if we can get that agregious call, that obvious call that mom and dad are filming from the stands that they see it, that our officials have never had the opportunity to overturn even when the coaches, since 2013, have been allowed to use that technology on the sideline. That's what we are trying to correct," said Steve Savarese Executive Director of AHSAA.

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"Alabama is at the forefront of using cutting-edge-technology in the high school athletics setting and with its deep football roots, it is a perfect place for this partnership to begin." stated DVSport CEO Brian Lowe.

Alabama teams will be granted two challenges per game. Just like in the National Football League, head coaches will have a red challenge flag that they can throw toward an official. The only way officials will recognize the challenge is if the flag is thrown before the next play.

"I think it's a good idea in theory, but I think there are a lot of logistical things that have to be worked out before we can even think about implementing it statewide," said Ridgeland head coach Ryan Earnest. "I think the financial ramifications are something that is definitely going to be a cause for concern." 

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