McComb storm aftermath - - Jackson, MS

McComb storm aftermath

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MCCOMB, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

"I looked out the door and I said I don't like the way this looks," said homeowner, Carolyn Batte. 

She was home with her grandson when the storm started.

"All of a sudden the wind was just unreal," she added. 

She knew it was time. She told her grandson to grab a blanket and run to the bathroom.

"We got in there and got in the shower and we just sat there," she said.

Blank said it sounded like large pieces of ice were hitting the side of her house.

"I was praying so hard. And I can't even tell you what was going on except it was so loud," said Batte.

She called her son, Swain to see if he was OK. He was. But he heard the fear in her voice. He jumped in his pick up truck and headed her way. 

"After she called I got about to Gibson Road on 98 and that's when I saw a cone come down," he said. 

He didn't see the cone touch the ground. But as soon as he saw it he pulled to the side and posted it on Facebook. A friend saw it and responded.

"Just as soon as I put it on Facebook she responded right back and said she heard it coming," he said.

They have a lot to clean up but they say they are grateful that no one was hurt. As for their neighbors.

"I walked up the road earlier. I think there are three houses with trees on them," said Swain. "One just completely in the house." 

Pike County crews say they will be working thru the night to clear the roads of debris and power lines. They expect power to be restored Sunday.

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