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Jackson task force piecing together

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The City of Jackson now has a task force for its new police identification policy.

It was created to figure out how the city will approach officer-involved shootings in the future. 

Today was only their second meeting; but they discussed excessive force issues, the community and whether to add new members particularly members of the public who have been involved in shootings.

The meetings are open to the public and they want to know how people are feeling about the Jackson Police Department and police issues.

The chair of the task force, CJ Lawrence, is still new to the group,but is aware of the benefits it brings to the community. 

"I think this task force is committed, certainly," said Lawrence. "I think the task force is excited about the opportunity to try and do something that's really never been done around the country in a way that we're attempting to do."

Lawrence says they really want the citizens to have confidence.

"I think its' the right type of process to try to address an issue that is a difficult issue often times to address," he added.

If you've been involved in a shooting and want to voice your concerns, contact the city of Jackson.

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