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Jackson pothole strikes again, but this time help is on the way

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson pothole claimed another victim this week.

Jermaine Pullum was on his way to get food Friday night, when his Jeep ran over an opening in the road that took out his vehicle.

"I really couldn't see the road, it was a little dark in the area and I heard a loud thud, and the car bounced," said Pullum. "I said 'Oh goodness.' I was just hoping that nothing was wrong with the tire."

Pullum says he was coming around another curve when his car fell into the pothole and jerked into the opposite direction. His tire was shredded.

"It hit the pothole, and I guess it was a thinner pothole, but it was long," said Pullum. "The tire went completely in it. And it just popped the tire."

That isn't the only pothole Pullum has to deal with. There's a pothole right in front of his home and has been on his street for several years now.

The rocky streets have caused headaches for Pullum, and even put his job search on hold for the time being, costing him money on his car and his family. 

"It was for the Waitr app, which is delivering using my vehicle," said Pullum. "I can't do that now because I don't have a vehicle. So that effects life in general, I have a wife and son."

According to AAA over, 30 million people are effected by pothole damage every year. But, what if we told you there's new technology for battling the bumps? In fact, there is. 

A company called Clearmotion in Massachusetts has developed the technology to keep your car steady on rough roads and will be available in a couple years. 

But Pullum feels like something like that just sounds like another patch job.

"That's not really fixing the problem, that's just covering it up," he said. "And covering it up isn't doing anything, there's other methods. I've been to other states, I've lived in other states. And I know there's other methods. You need to finds something new, because this isn't working, at all."

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