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CONSIDER THIS: Recognizing Success

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When you attend sporting events at many high schools you’ll see pictures of senior athletes on the walls and fences lining the ball fields and courts.

Northwest Rankin High School is taking that recognition idea and using it to motivate students to get better grades on the ACT.

Senior Brianna Berry says it’s working, "I took the ACT seven times, but I got a 28 five times in a row. They created the banners and you saw them every day walking through school and so I was like I really want to be up there, so, I pushed myself even harder and ended up making a 31."

Congratulations to everyone who scored so well on the ACT. Your hard work will pay off with scholarships and other benefits, removing some of the hurdles that prevent students from attending college. And congratulations to the leaders at Northwest Rankin for coming up with a clever idea to inspire their students.

Maybe this idea will spread to other schools across the state, motivating more students to push themselves to join the impressive 30 plus club.  

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