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Head of public works looking to handle street issues soon

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Ward 7 in south Jackson held a town hall meeting Tuesday where people got to hash out their issues with public officials.

Those who made it to Crossroads Church shared their concerns on a number of issues, including trash dumping and water problems.

But their main concern is the city's pothole problem, addressed by public works director Robert Miller.

"We've had funding provided by the municipal sales tax commission for pothole repairs and street repairs," said Miller. "I'm looking to get those areas prioritized and get the contracts in place so that we can go on and get this work started here. Now that we're getting into good weather, we're getting into good paving weather, so now is the time to be making these repairs."

Miller sat in the front of the church with a pen and paper and took notes on the other issues, while Councilwoman Virgi Lindsay went around the church and addressed almost everyone there. They both asked where the specific person lived and what each problem was, and simply said, "We'll take care of that."

The issues didn't stop there. Everything from trash dumping, water issues and even education was brought up to city officials. But the main consensus was the issue with how bad the roads are in the city of Jackson.

"I'm really focusing on two things," said Miller. "One, the prioritization on streets being repaved, bringing that to closure within the coming days and the next week or two. I've got to get the administration priorities on that, the city council on that. Then after that, the two year capital program on water, sewerage, drainage and streets."

Miller says he's hoping it can get done withing the next 90 days.

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