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CONSIDER THIS: Focus on Priorities

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This week was a terrible week in Jackson. Three people were shot and killed, and crime has reached record levels.

As I have shared before, city leaders need to focus their energy and resources on the three critical responsibilities of government; crime and public safety, infrastructure; specifically streets, bridges and water, and education. Peter Drucker, renowned business leader says,

“Concentration is the key to all economic success,” said renowned business leader Peter Drucker. "The city needs to concentrate on those three areas. Everything else should move to the back-burner.

Jackson City Council Vice President Melvin Priester Jr. gets it and was on target when he made comments about the city spending time on the zoo.

 “Let's be real, said Priester. "We can't send water bills. We can't fix potholes. Now, we're about to get into the weeds about running a zoo? I don't know how to take care of a giraffe.”

Consider This: There are a lot of “giraffes” the city is trying to address. Instead, it needs to focus, focus, focus. Make the city safe. Fix the roads, bridges and water system. Improve Jackson’s Public Schools. If you accomplish that, you will have done more to benefit the people of Jackson, the metro area and the entire state than has been done for decades. 

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