Mayor Lumumba addresses crime in the Capital City - - Jackson, MS

Mayor Lumumba addresses crime in the Capital City

Mayor Lumumba spoke Monday about crime in the Capital City. Mayor Lumumba spoke Monday about crime in the Capital City.
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Violent crimes in the Capital City have increased in the first four months of the year. 

Two cases making headlines recently were Gunfire erupts at candlelight vigil for Jackson rapper Lil Lonnie and Woman killed during home invasion, daughter also shot.

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba addressed the media Monday to talk about what he feels is the reason behind the violence in the Capital City. 


"The majority of the circumstances that we find in Jackson are conflicts that the individuals are aware with each other," said Lumumba. "Conflicts that rise to a point that we wish people had a better way of resolving. It is still a primary and urgent concern for us and we want to express that we're committed to resolving these cases and committed to demonstrating that Jackson will not tolerate that type of violence."

The mayor also spoke on how to address crime in the future with two approaches.

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"One concern that I've heard from officers is that the open carry law is having a significant impact," he said. "But there are a number of factors, like I said, opportunity. You have individuals, you know they believe they are without hope, you know. So we have to address that dynamic so we don't have to confront the aftermath of what takes place when people feel there is no other way to resolve their conflicts."

The mayor also went in depth about blight in the city and the police academy nearing their graduation in May.

They're hoping the boost in police numbers will also be helpful for the city in the coming weeks. 

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