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CONSIDER THIS: How to Pay for Improvements?

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We received a lot of feedback on increasing the fuel tax to pay for road and bridge improvements. Some people said it would be a regressive tax and unfairly punish people who can least afford it. Some said it makes sense.

Just like our viewers, state leaders can’t come up with a plan they can agree on. The state finds itself in the same situation as Jackson, not providing enough ongoing funding, recurring maintenance, and improvement. It’s the same as mowing your lawn every week or mowing your lawn once a month. It’s a lot harder to push that mower after a month and leaves a much bigger mess.

The price tag to make the repairs continues to grow and grow and is now nearly insurmountable. We know roads and bridges are not going to fix themselves, so what do we do?

The benefit of an increased fuel tax is the people who use the roads pay the tax. And think about how many cars and trucks from out of state travel our roads. Those people will help us pay for the improvements, it won’t just be on the backs of Mississippians.

But if you don’t like that idea, what would you propose? A state lottery? Use the BP oil spill money? Divert money from license plates? Slash more government services?

Send us your ideas and we will share them next week. Email us at  Maybe your suggestion will be the one idea that will help state House and Senate leaders reach an agreement and move forward together.

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