CONSIDER THIS: Your Feedback - - Jackson, MS

CONSIDER THIS: Your Feedback

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Last week we asked for your suggestions on funding for bridge and road repair across the state. 

Here is a sampling of your recommendations:

  • Legalize marijuana and use the revenue to take care of the issues in this state.
  • Bring the lotto here. It's ridiculous that you can go to the casinos and gamble, but folks won't bring the lotto here
  • I have long believed that an increase in state fuel tax is the fairest method to provide the funds necessary to repair and maintain Mississippi roads, highways & bridges.
  • I travel to a lot of other states and the roads are in excellent shape and a lot them have tolls.
  • Lottery, lottery, lottery and lottery. Do they realize how much money leaves our state?
  • I'm against a fuel tax 100 percent. Why can't we have a lottery or add $2 a year on a tag or have a $5 fuel stamp. Most people I know can't afford gas now.
  • My idea for bridge closure bailout is using BP OIL MONEY since the state has a framework for using the money. I realize not all bridges are located on the coast but taxpayers bailing out BP weren’t all from the coast either.

Instead of putting a tax on gas, why not use vehicle tag money to pay for new roads and bridges? Where is that money going. 


I have long believed that an increase in state fuel tax is the is the fairest method to provide the funds necessary to repair and maintain Mississippi roads, highways & bridges.  I strongly support your plan!

In multiple states it is problems with abandonment. From abandoned hearts to abandoned buildings. This state is known to be the retirement state. But it fails to invite the beauty of its culture to the scene. Consider this:

1) a garden with gazebos and street vendors.

2) a building with apartments for sale, kitchen efficiencies for the same price as trailer homes/

3) a neighbor hood with areas of land and solar energy homes.

4) a campaign about public courtesy.

5) a congressman who understands law, human rights, and honesty. Why is the congressman call street names like snitch on the television. If your child was kidnapped, you brand new car was stolen, you wife was killed, wouldn't you want redemption. 

6) A beautify the neighborhood campaign, where the citizens vote on the best home, and the best home gets a prize, and the voter may get a prize, from local businesses.

7) A city caring about its presence. Putting tickets on homes that don't keep themselves up from the roadside. 

8) An outdoor skating rink with picnic tables and vendors that come and sale things to the people who visit there.

9) A company that helps the elderly get their home fixed. Being on a fixed income isn't that easy. 

There is lots of vacant land. Be creative and do something with it. 

Build your ego and grow your ideologies. 

Just wanted to share my opinion on the matter of how to pay for rebuilding bridges and fixing the roads.  I totally agree on increasing the fuel tax to a certain extent. First thing we should do is really focus on cutting down on welfare fraud and people who abuse the system.  There should be a cap for food stamps/ebt card.  If a woman decided to have 5 kids when she isn't capable of taking care of one she shouldn't be allowed to go to Walmart and buy all the high dollar stuff. Cut it back.  Nobody wants to admit the truth about welfare fraud. Our great state of Mississippi could be doing a lot better if we stood by what's right instead of just looking the other way.  So many people get taxes back without even paying any in. How is that possible? Please explain.  If your on government assistance you should never get any taxes back.  Never no exceptions. There is a lot of extra money right there to pay for infrastructure released problems and then some.  How about we hold adults accountable.  Can somebody please take the initiative and speak the truth on air about this matter.  I guarantee 51% of Mississippians share the same thoughts.  Everybody is so afraid of speaking up.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.  Thank you for time.

I'm against fuel tax 100 percent. Why can't we have a lottery add 2.00 $ a year on a tag. Or 5.$  fuel stamp a year. Most people I know can't afford gas now. 

Gasoline tax increase is a no brainer

Legalize marijuana through the the state and federal and use the revenue to take care of the issues this state has I really don't understand why it is so looked down upon also bring the lotto here it's ridiculous that you can go the casinos and gamble or even gamble at the local gas stations on stretch offs but folks won't bring the lotto here waiting allowing Ms money to be spent in surrounding states and bring it home were it belongs I don't get why the folks in the higher up seat are so stuck in the past and not willing to try some new things out if you see it working in other areas why not try it here

To whom this concerns, I travel to a lot of other states and the roads are in excellent shape an a lot them have tolls. A lot of big trucks hauling heavy loads from all over the country  travel  our roads  leaving Mississippians to bare the load for others to use so I feel the tolls would be great for us all.

Every effort should be made to shift this financial obligation to those who will suffer less with an additional tax burden while at the same time - spreading revenue targets over the greatest number of taxpayers.

We should cast a large net, and avoid burdening those who live in or on the edge of poverty. 

Sources of revenue:

1. Lotto

2. Increased sales tax on new golf carts, atvs, "four wheelers"

3. Increased sales tax on new boats and new boat trailers

4. Increase sales tax on new gun sales and all ammo

5. Increased sales tax on large commercial truck tires, commercial truck licenses, commercial truck sales, PROHIBITIVE FINES against all violations in terms of weight, proper maintenance, etc on commercial truck violations.  I mean prohibitive.

6. Increased sales tax on soda, beer, alcohol, cigarettes 7. Increased sales tax on diesel fuel 8. Increased sales tax on bagged ice, jewelry, designer handbags, belts, wallets, and ties.

Make these revenue streams dedicated to existing roads and bridges.  No new road money for now.  They need to stop building roads and just outright walking away from them.  If you can't maintain what is already here, you don't need more miles to build or repair. 

Maybe MDOT should have thought about this issue before building and still in the process of building all those retaining walls on 49 South. I was told that money was from a different budget. But think about it what difference would it make to use the money on our crumbling bridges. It’s my opinion the retaining walls are a joke. They are not needed.

I have some ideas and observations with the problems of water bills and pot holes in Jackson, MS.  It seems there is more talk than action on the part by the city of Jackson.  A lot of talk and no action.

Water Bill Observations:

There are many problems that need addressing and should be a priority because each problem links to the next.

1.)  Managers, Supervisors and employees not doing their jobs;

a.)   Not properly managing the computing system that calculates the water billing.  Software code is not being properly changed, testing of code changes is not properly testing, implementation of code is not properly managed.  If the software updates are done properly instead of doing 'slam dunk' coding, much of the billing problems can be eliminated.  Whether the changes come from the company that sold the city of Jackson the new system or the computing department within the city; they should be working together to fix the software.

Due to the length of time it has been taking (4+ years) is ridiculous!  They really need to eliminate those in charge and hire people that can do the job; make the configuration controls that are necessary to get the job done.

From my observation, there are TOO many people employed by the city of Jackson that do not know how to do their job, fail to do their jobs and/or don't have any pride in doing their job right. Jackson needs some workers and MANAGERS that know what they are doing.

2.)  The burden of proof should be put on the City of Jackson for these high bills.  Who can definitely say that when the city allows a break in a water pipe to run for weeks, that the city is not charging this consumption of water to the home owners?

The questions are:

Why does it take so long to repair? 

WHY are there NOT enough TRAINED employees that know or have the certification to fix the pipes if this is their job?

Hire and/or TRAIN the employees to have these skills or get rid of those that refuse to do their job CORRECTLY!

I've been to the city planners office to inquired about future improvements for different areas of the city and the reply I got was that they didn't have anything that showed what the plans for Jackson, MS residential areas.   I know this is public information but any time you deal with the city, NO one knows anything.

3.)  The water department has been over charging residents for sanitation charges. It only equates to about a $1.00 or less a day but if you multiply that by thousands of homes the amount could be staggering.  The city charges the home owner $4.80 per week for sanitation cost.  Their explanation is that there are more days in some months than others so the amount varies each month.  Yes, this is true but when you count the days, the end date from one months bill is included again in the beginning date for the next bill. There for you are double charging for one day in each monthly bill.  This has been going on for awhile and I have call several times to the water department, but no one wants to talk to me or they act like they don't see a problem.  I then wonder if addition/subtraction abilities were required to work at the water department.

LOL!  Anyway, I believe the City of Jackson owes money to their citizens but they seem to only be concerned with the thousands of extra dollars they can make citizens pay with NO proof or explanation of how the cost are derived.

3.)  The city of Jackson, MS should make a plan to fix water pipes and pot holes in certain areas of town.  The plan should consist of dates (These dates should be coordinated between the water department and the street maintenance department (public works ?)). Then tear up the street; have the water department fix the water pipes; test the fix; then fix the street.  This can all be done at the same time!  The city will probably complain they don't have the personal. Since the city employees don't seem to know how to fix the water pipes and streets anyway, the city should contract this work out.  Sometimes there is more money available when contracting the work rather than using employees. 

The city needs to research and find the proper way to fix these streets.  Adding hot asphalt in a hole with no kind of support is useless and wasteful.  It seems that the employees only know how to sling asphalt but have NO IDEA how to properly repair the streets  where the repair will last a substantial amount of time.  This is not rocket science and we live in a world with new technology.  Hire someone that has some direction to do the research.  Everyone knows the work needs to be done properly but apparently the city doesn't have the right people in the job.

4.)  The city of Jackson should start a program to allow the citizens to fix their streets.

Here are some ideas for the program:

1.)  If a block wants to fix their street have a petition available to see how many people on the block want to fix their street.  If there is a minimum of 75% participation, then the other 25% of the residents have no choice but to participate.  The cost of repairing the street is split between all the homes on the street that will be repaired. The residents will have the choice of adding sidewalks on their street.      

The City will offer each resident a 0% loan option or the resident can pay their share at any time.  A lien can be put on the home until the loan is paid back.  The residents pick the contractor from a list of contractors approved by the city.  This way no one contractor has a monopoly and no ones friend is given the work. Upon approval the city should coordinate the fixing/replacement of the water pipes PRIOR to the street being fixed.  This way the city does not have to do all the work.  Because of the improvements made to the neighborhood, the residents should see a increase in their home value.

There are some brain storming issues that need to be addressed but it's just an idea.

Thanks for listening;  I hope someone does something soon about the water and pot hole problems.  It seems that the city of Jackson do not have to follow the laws and if they are, then the laws need to change.

My idea for bridge closure bailout is using BP OIL MONEY since the state has a framework for using the money. It already had a long-term restoration plan to combat the coastal erosion crisis. I realize not all bridges are located on the coast but taxpayers bailing out BP weren’t all from the coast either. Seems fair.

We should use the money for  environmental restoration -NOT PET ECONOMIC PROJECTS in this particular matter. 

Hopefully state leaders will address the funding issues soon. Maybe the new revenue from sports betting could be directed towards infrastructure? Thanks for sharing your comments. Keep the ideas coming. 

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