Artist unveils "inspiring" mural in Belhaven Heights - - Jackson, MS

Artist unveils "inspiring" mural in Belhaven Heights

Source: Artist Douglas Panzone Source: Artist Douglas Panzone
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Greater Belhaven Foundation threw a mural celebration, highlighting Jackson's newest art installation in Belhaven Heights.

Ward 7 Councilwoman Virgi Lindsay was in Belhaven seeing the mural for the first time, and immediately saw the significance to the neighborhood. 

"This neighborhood is a celebration of the people and the architecture and they're embodying that with this wonderful mural," said Councilwoman Lindsay. "I really love that it represent both the past and the future. And that you've got the capital just there in the edge of it. And because really that is where this neighborhood is."

The mayor recently talked about having more art out in the open here in the Capital City. 

Artist Douglas Panzone painted the mural in Belhaven Heights, giving a nice touch to that area of town. Laurel Isbister of Spirit Tree Consulting sees the mural as something that can be more beneficial for the city than some may realize.

"I think it's nothing but positive to have beauty and art to inspire us, to keep us motivated, to make the city better, to make our own lives better and to encourage one another," said Isbister. "So this is a great driver for all kinds of activities for neighborhood people and kids who want to enjoy a piece of art but also can appeal to tourists who come to town to the museums, just give something extra and bright and beautiful in the neighborhood."

According to Isbister, the Mississippi Heritage Trust and several partnerships, with private donors came together to make the mural possible, and are looking to hold more events like this in the future. 

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