Reservoir officials meet with fishermen over growing trash probl - - Jackson, MS

Reservoir officials meet with fishermen over growing trash problem

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BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A meeting between reservoir officials and local fishermen was held on Tuesday to address the growing amount of trash around the spillway.

Tuesday's meeting was an opportunity for reservoir officials to finally hear from people who frequent the "rez," and to try and find a way to address the growing trash problem.

Bobby Cleveland with the Pearl River Valley Water Supply District, and the fishermen, went through several ideas for cleaning up the mess, and one became popular. 

"One positive thing that came out of, that we're definitely going to explore is forcing people who do fish anywhere on the reservoir project, will have to have a trash receptacle in their vicinity they'll have to have something that can provide them with a way to get the trash out," said Cleveland. "By making them have a container, if an officer goes down there and says do you have a litter container? If he doesn't have one, then he can be ticketed."

Other options that came up at the meeting: A. ban plastic bags or B. Styrofoam containers. 

Fisherman Todd Macko said that would be hard to uphold. But the popular one was the trash bucket idea, or even an unpopular idea. 

"There are some people that are looking at closure as a tool to try and get the attention of fishermen and other types of fishermen and other types of users on the spillway," said Macko. "We have approached the idea of permitting the users to try and control who is accessing the areas."

There will be a statewide clean sweep for the waterways, but that doesn't happen until September 15 and 16.

Until an official decision is made, fishermen will continue to pick up the trash.

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