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Cruger family speaks a week after murder-suicide

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
HOLMES COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a quiet town of just 400. A place where tragedies like the one that happened on July 5th aren't supposed to happen. Cruger has been home to Ann Outlaw and her family forever. She raised her daughter Kimberly here and Kimberly was raising her daughter, Kamaya here. 

But the town that Outlaw says once felt safe has changed. 

"As far as the deputies and the Sheriff's Department. They don't have our back. They don't," said Outlaw.

A little over a week ago Outlaw's granddaughter, 1-yr old Kamaya was shot and killed by her father, 24 yr old Levonta Lloyd after she was forcefully taken from her mothers home. He also took his own life. 

Although Ann Outlaw has accepted the reality that her granddaughter is gone, she still says her death could have been prevented. 

"Sheriff March never pursued anything," she said solemnly. 

The events that led up to Kamaya's death began three days earlier when the child's mother, Kimberly Outlaw, walked into the Holmes County Sheriffs Department to file for a restraining order.

"When she gave them the documentation, It was where he worked, his driver's license number, tag number, the time he goes to work and leaves. They had everything they needed," added Kimberly. 

But she says nothing happened. 

"She said I'm receiving threatening phone calls from Levonta Lloyd. She told them it started from a personal cell and then I blocked him. Then he started calling me at work, Outlaw said reading from copies of her daughter's paperwork

Aside from detailed incidents of abuse, Kamaya's mother included screen-shots of text messages sent to her by Lloyd.

"He told her that if she don't call his phone before she leaves work that she was going to be dead," she told him.

Outlaw says while her daughter was at the Sheriff's office she received a call from Lloyd saying that he had picked Kamaya up from daycare. She immediately called the Sheriff's office.

"I called Sheriff March and was like our baby has been taken from daycare can you put out an Amer Alert and he said no because he has joint custody of the baby and no, we never showed you any documentation that he had joint custody of the baby. Where he got that from I don't know," she said.

They eventually got Kamaya back but Outlaw says things only got worse.

The following day the Sheriff's department was called again. When Kimberly Outlaw came home from work she found Lloyd hidden under her kitchen sink. Deputies arrived but were never able to locate him. 
Outlaw says she contacted Sheriff Willie March and asked if the US Marshalls could do something. 

"I called Sheriff March and he said US Marshals don't work on holidays. My family was still alive on the fourth of July. My grand-baby was still alive on the 4th of July," she said. 

But then July 5th came. 

Outlaw says Lloyd arrived at her daughter's home armed with a gun. After firing shots at her and her two brothers... he took little Kamaya.

After crossing into Sunflower County, Outlaw says Lloyd called her and asked for Kimberly to call him because she had blocked his number. But before she could tell Kimberly Outlaw says, he called her on Facetime... and while he was driving he shot Kamaya and then himself.

Their bodies were later found still in the truck in a ditch along a Delta roadside. 

Outlaw says she doesn't wish any ill will towards Sheriff Marsh but says he needs to think about his actions or lack of. 

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