Results #1 - - Jackson, MS

Katrina Response Poll

Results #1

Summary Results -WLBT3 News Poll # 1 - October, 2005

1. On a scale of A to F, please grade the performance of each of the following in their response to Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

A B C D F Not Sure
President Bush 24% 19% 14% 13% 29%   1%
Governor Barbour 47% 17% 14% 13% 29%   1%
FEMA   9% 16% 18% 19% 36%   2%
MEMA 21% 23% 19% 13% 13% 11%
The Red Cross 11% 14% 15% 14% 44%   2%

Private Relief Organizations
(such as churches)







The National Guard 49% 26% 10%   2%   4%   8%
The Media 43% 26% 15%   6%   9%   1%

2. How long was your home without power?

  6% One day or less
20% 2-3 days
29% 4-5 days
28% 4-10 days
12% 11-14 days
  3% More than 3 weeks
  2% Power is still not restored

3. Were you able to get timely information from your power company about when your power would be restored?

39% Yes
61% No

4. Is your power supplied by Entergy or an EPA?

70% Entergy
22% An EPA
  8% Not Sure

5. Was your home damaged by the hurricane and if so, how badly?

  6% Major damage
31% Minor damage
  9% Moderate damage
44% Little or no damage

6. How far along are you in repairing the damage to your home?

25% Damage is mostly or completely repaired
23% Damage is partially repaired
52% Have not yet begun the repair process (Skip to Q-9)

7. Have you been able to find most of the supplies you need to repair your home?

92% Yes
  8% No

8. Have you been able to find contractors or trades people to help you repair your home?

74% Yes
26% No

9. Have you come across what you believe is price gouging by people or businesses trying to take advantage of the situation?

51% Yes
39% No (Skip to Q-11)
10% Not Sure

10. Where have you come across instances of what you consider price gouging?

42% Gas Stations
11% Hardware/Home supply stores
10% Contractors
18% Food Stores
10% Hotels

10A. Are there any other types of stores or companies that you feel have engaged in price gouging?

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11. Have you applied for federal disaster relief assistance?

45% Already applied
  7% Plan to apply
48% No

12. Are you satisfied or not satisfied with the response you’ve received from federal disaster relief officials so far?

21% Satisfied
69% Not satisfied
10% Not sure

13. Have you filed a claim with your home insurance company?

38% Yes
44% No
  9% Don't have insurance (Home Owner) Skip to Q-16
  9% Don't have insurance (Renter) Skip to Q-16

14. Has your insurance company indicated whether or not they will cover your losses?

22% Will cover all or most of your losses
30% Will cover some of your losses
  5% Will not cover losses
43% Unresolved/not sure

15. What company is your home insurance coverage with?

25% State Farm (Skip to Q-16)
  8% Nationwide (Skip to Q-16)
  9% Allstate (Skip to Q-16)
  2% USAA (Skip to Q-16)
15% Farm Bureau (Skip to Q-16)
  4% Farmers (Skip to Q-16)
37% Other

15A. What other company is your insurance coverage with?

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16. Have you or a member of your household lost their job, had their business closed or suffered a significant loss of business income because of damage from the hurricane?

  4% Lost job (Not getting paid)
  1% Lost job (Still getting paid)
  2% Business Closed
13% Significant loss of business income
80% None of the above

17. If there was one thing you could say to officials government officials in charge of disaster planning or relief, what would that be?

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Survey Background

  • Facts Dates of Interviews: September 26th - October 5th, 2005
  • Number of Interviews: 412 Residents of the WLBT3 Service Area
  • Conducted Online by: Hertz Research, Petaluma , CA

How the WLBT3 News Poll was Conducted and Potential Sources of Error

The WLBT3 News Poll was conducted online by Hertz Research of Petaluma, California. In order to create a sample as representative of the WLBT3 service area as possible, the results for each poll are statistically weighted using a variety of demographic factors provided by respondents. These statistical weighting procedures also take into account differences between groups of people who tend to use or not use the Internet.

Regardless of methodology, all polls are potentially affected by a number of factors that may influence their accuracy. A common source for survey inaccuracy is sampling error. The number of respondents largely determines sampling error. Statistical theory indicates that in the case of a poll with this sample size (412 Total Interviews), 95 percent of the time the results of a survey of this size would be the same as interviewing the entire population of the WLBT3 service area, give or take approximately five percent. This is not a probability sample.

However, other sources of error also can impact the accuracy of poll results conducted online and with other techniques. These include but are not limited to the percentage of the population choosing to participate, the likelihood a possible respondent is at home or connected to the Internet, the wording, and ordering of questions, and the techniques used to determine possible survey participants and likely voters. The cumulative impact of all of these potential sources of error is impossible to assess precisely.

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