NASCAR in Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Oct. 27, 2005

NASCAR in Jackson

By Dennis Smith, News Director     

"We're going to aggressively enforce all of the moving vehicle violations here in the city such as headlights that are out. We are certainly going to address the issue of speeding."- Frank Melton

A week ago Charles Griffin, Jr. died in a friend's front yard as a racing car ran into him and then smashed into two parked cars.

He would have been 19 the next day.

In response, Mayor Frank Melton said JPD was going to crack down on violators.

While JPD may be enforcing racing in the city, there is little to show that they're doing much to control the interstate raceway around Jackson.

In the evening, the speedway harbors an assortment of aspiring NASCAR drivers going 80 to 90 miles or more, with no turn signals and messed up headlights and taillights.

They're able to do this because the cops are nowhere to be found.

From my Point of View, as long as JPD continues to look the other way, the freeway follies will still be the most dangerous free sideshow in town.

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