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More About Mississippi Vein Specialists

For over 25 years, our practice has seen many patients suffering from venous insufficiency, in particular, varicose veins and spider veins. In the past, most patients that came into our office would not want to undergo a procedure that involves general anesthesia to strip the veins. Now they are more willing to undergo a less invasive procedure that doesn't involve scarring, is less expensive, with little risk of infection, and can be up on their feet again that afternoon.

Some of the potential advantages of these new techniques over vein stripping are:

1. eliminate the risks of general anesthesia
2. eliminate the risks of infection, bleeding, pain, paresthesia, down time
3. lower costs

We are proud to introduce to you Mississippi Vein Specialists, a specialty division of The Cardiovascular Surgical Clinic. Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of therapeutic and cosmetic vein problems, our board certified heart and vascular surgeons are highly trained with the latest vein removal techniques. We have one of the first accredited non-invasive vascular labs, started in 1987.

At your initial visit you will receive educational material and have a full history taken by our doctors. You may also undergo an examination of your veins by having a Doppler or duplex ultrasound to evaluate the circulation of your deep and superficial veins. This is key to completely map out the size and location of all diseased veins, many of which are underneath the skin and not visible. By utilizing ultrasound to ‘see’ these hidden diseased veins, we can minimize the root cause of most recurrences. The duplex ultrasound is totally non-invasive: no needles, drugs or x-rays are used.

Immediately following the duplex exam, and diagnosis is made, we are there to answer any questions you have about the various procedures available to you, safety and side effects for each type of treatment, and the amount of pain and scarring you might experience. We will also discuss costs and insurance coverage with you at this time, Before leaving our office, you should have a complete understanding of the nature of your vein problem and the options for your treatment.

It is important to us at Mississippi Vein Specialists that you feel informed and educated about all aspects of the type of procedure that achieves the best result for you. We feel that you, too, are a member of the treating team and your understanding of the pathology and treatment is essential for getting the best results.

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