Crime Rates Up in Goerge County - - Jackson, MS

George County 01/08/06

Crime Rates Up in Goerge County

The George County Sheriff's Department is staying busy with complaints from Hurricane Katrina residents. 397 families are now living in 13 FEMA mobile home parks and that's where most of the problems are.

Residents say people are shooting, playing loud music, trespassing, and vandalizing other trailers. Sheriff Garry Welford says the number of domestic calls has risen by one third since the storm and other crimes like burglaries and break-ins are also up, but the sheriff's staff is not.

"Where you have numerous families and numerous people crowded together in a smaller area, people have a tendency to not get along," says Welford. 

Since the residents are not paying any property tax, there is not enough money to hire more deputies. Welford has asked for FEMA's help, but nothing has been confirmed.

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