New Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer - - Jackson, MS

New Ways to Prevent Colon Cancer

New studies find possibly one easy way to prevent and treat colon cancer. New research finds and aspirin a day may help keep colon cancer away, even in those who already have the disease. Colon cancer patients who took daily aspirin therapy had a 50% better chance of surviving. In the study, researchers surveyed 12 hundred people undergoing treatment for stage three colon cancer and asked them about daily habits including regular use of aspirin. Previous studies have shown that aspirin lowers the risk of developing colon cancer in otherwise healthy people.

Doctors have discovered that the common, over-the-counter medication may help prevent the risk of colon cancer but there is a downside. Past studies had hinted that aspirin and anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, could help. However, some doctors now believe it requires prolonged, consistent use over a decade before we saw a significant benefit. They also increase the risk of bleeding in the stomach and intestines. Cancer screenings are still considered the best way to protect yourself against colon cancer.

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