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Jackson 01/28/06

Katrina Evacuees Kicked Out

Katrina evacuees at one local hotel say they're getting kicked out before the official February seventh FEMA deadline because the rodeo is coming to town.

Evacuees at the Holiday Inn Express on High Street in Jackson received a letter Saturday morning informing them of the hotel's plans. The Ragas family was shocked to find the letter under their door. They've been living at the hotel since the hurricane and are still waiting to receive rental assistance from FEMA. Their St. Bernard Parish home was destroyed when the levees broke in New Orleans. The Ragas' say the hotel's owner told some evacuees that since the Dixie National Rodeo is coming in about a week he needed to free up their rooms.

“How can people worry about renting hotel rooms out and not worry about the people who are homeless and have no place to go. And it is not hurting him by FEMA paying for us to stay there,” said Audrey Ragas.

Sunday marks the five-month anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

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