February 14, 2006 - MSNewsNow.com - Jackson, MS

February 14, 2006

"(1 week into 12 week program) Just a little over a week into the program I have lost 8 pounds. But, I am on a more intensive workout program than most would be starting out. 6 days a week, 45 minutes of cardio and then upper body and lower body workouts. Alreay I feel better, inside and out. I eat 3 (portioned) meals a day with snacks of fruit in between each meal. I am also allowed my late night snack of 3 squares of graham crackers with a glass of low or no fat milk, which is my lifesafer.

"At the beginning I was able to go for up to 25 minutes on the treadmill at 3.2 resistance. I have worked up to 3.8 resistance for 40 minutes."

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