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Be Supermarket Savvy

Be Supermarket Savvy

Did you know that grocers have statistically concluded that the average consumer makes 50% to 80% of all their purchasing decisions in the supermarket? Shoppers are lured to make impulsive purchases because of the strategic placement of food items in convenient, accessible areas throughout the store, not to mention the seemingly irresistible "shopper bargains" that are advertised over the public address system. These marketing strategies can turn grocery shopping into a fiasco for people trying to control their weight. However, the key to shopping smart is to plan ahead. "Before going to the supermarket, devise a grocery list based on a nutritious menu," said Keba Laird, Health and Wellness Specialist for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. "This will limit compulsive food purchases, and help you select foods that complement a well-balanced diet." Other tips for shopping smart are listed below.

11 Practical Tips for Smart Shopping

  1. Keep an ongoing shopping list in the kitchen, and be mindful to take it with you prior to your supermarket trip.
  2. Plan weekly menus based on the Food Guide Pyramid, and use your shopping list to ensure that you purchased the main necessities.
  3. Shop at a supermarket (a full service store that sells a wide variety of goods) rather than a convenience store. Convenience stores provide limited food choices (mainly staple goods) with a high markup value.
  4. Make sure your grocery cart has plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low-fat dairy products: all of which are found around the perimeter (outer aisles) of the store.
  5. Use the Nutrition Facts Label as a guide to analyze the nutritional content of food items. This is useful information right at your fingertips. Visit for information on how to interpret and use the food label.
  6. Look for keywords on the front of the packages that suggest a healthier alternative (i.e., reduced sodium, no added sugar, low-fat, etc...)
  7. Don't shop while you're hungry. Hungry shoppers tend to buy more and/or eat their way through the store.
  8. Limit your visits to the supermarket. The less often you visit, the less vulnerable you are to making impulsive decisions that you may later regret.
  9. Consider using coupons and cash as your method of payment. Allot a limited dollar amounts of grocery purchases and try not to exceed that amount.
  10. Try to avoid supermarket food sampling booths if at all possible: however, if healthy food samples are offered, feel free to taste but use moderation.
  11. Remember to remain focused. Being shopper savvy will help you to better manage your weight.

Good nutrition begins at the supermarket. The first step to smart shopping is to select delicious and nutritious foods. Now that you are aware of some marketing strategies, you should be more guarded and make wiser food selections the next time you visit the grocery store. Knowing how to choose healthful and tasteful foods for your kitchen involves a little planning. If you will make it a practice to follow these tips, you will find it easy to become a savvy supermarket shopper.

For individualized meal plans and nutrition counseling, make an appointment with a Registered Dietitian.


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