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Long Term Care For Seniors

Senior citizens are living longer, and many baby boomers are now grappling with the decision of how to care for their aging parents.

Nursing homes aren't the only way to go, there may be better alternatives.

Frank McMenimen remembers when he first had to make the decision about his mother's long term care.

He says, "I went to probably twenty different homes, and they ranged from nice but to: (and I would give credit to the brand new sunrise place in terms of look and operation, and then) down to other places where I said I wouldn't put my dog in here."

His mother Agnes refused to leave her apartment of 23 years. His best option: an in home care assistant who will move in when frank can no longer be there.

Agnes McMenimen, Frank's Mother, says, "I can get assistance whenever needed if necessary."

Surprisingly, experts say in home care is generally cheaper than nursing homes and assisted living and it's growing in popularity.

"--it's cost effective, keeping families together, supporting people in the setting they're most comfortable, uplifting to people spiritually."

Ed Furash's chose Sunrise's Assisted Living Facility for his mother sara.

He says as her child it's up to him to make sure that happens.

Ed Furash, Sara's Son, says, "I f it doesn't feel sparkling and really clean, that's a big red flag right there."

Assisted living generally gives access to different levels of care as needs progress. Ed and Frank both pay for their mothers care out of pocket and it can cost several thousand a month. Their best advice: start saving early.

For more information about choosing a nursing home, in-home care, and other nursing home alternatives, click on the hotlinks section of this website. 

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