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Retirement Income Planning

David Heath, president of Retirement Income Planning, Inc., has worked with clients in the financial services industry since 1972.  David has many industry credentials, but believes his most important credential is experience.  David's  primary focus is working with clients to build and protect retirement income assets.  David's clients tell him that they:

  • were uncertain how much they would need to save to retire at the level of income they wanted, or
  • were disappointed that their current advisor did not listen to their concerns, or
  • were afraid that their IRA and 401(k) assets might go through another market decline just before they were ready to retire,  or
  • were unsure if their investment portfolio made sense when compared to their financial goals, or
  • were concerned that they did not know how to protect their retirement assets from loss.

David's typical client is usually over 45, has been putting aside money for retirement in a 401(k) or IRA for some time, and has been either working for a company in middle or upper level management for awhile or owns their own business. 

Questions to Ask When Planning for Retirement:

  • When will you retire? Where?
  • What impact will those choices have on your family?
  • What activities (travel, hobbies, etc.) do you want to enjoy in retirement?
  • How much income do you want or need?
  • How much have you set aside so far?  How is it invested? Are you happy with the state of your current investments?
  • How much time have you spent planning for retirement?
  • How can you save for retirement and pay for your child’s college at the same time?
  • You know you need to invest but how do you choose an investment?
  • Does your current financial advisor listen to your concerns? How can you make sure you’ve chosen the right investment planner?
  • What will it ultimately take to live the retirement lifestyle you want and be financially secure?

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