Phase 2 - Visual Inspection - - Jackson, MS

Phase 2 - Visual Inspection

We will do a complete visual and infrared inspection of all accessible areas of your home or commercial property, locate potential water penetration and other problem conditions, and search for any visible evidence of modl growth throughout the habitable areas of the property.

Imagine if you had Superman's power to see through walls.  HomeSafe's infrared imaging technology is the next best thing: Infrared detects tiny but crucial differences in temperature throughout a house, includinig behind the walls, beneath the floors and beyond ceilings.

It is common to find mold growth in an around air conditioners and AC ductwork, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, behind toilets, on shower stall walls, on garage interior walls, under and behind aquarium stands, on drywall material, carpets, and ceiling acoustical tile as well as many other areas in need of inspection.

If necessary, devices - such as moisture meters (for detecting moisture), hydrometers (for measurement of indoor humidity), may be used during an inspection.  Digital photographs may also be taken to document your particular conditions.

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