Phase 3 - Sampling - - Jackson, MS

Phase 3 - Sampling

Often, evidence of mold cannot be visually seen, but must be detected instead by taking samples of microscopic mold spores for analysis.  Typically, air samples are taken of the outdoor and indoor air by using Air-O-Cell or Micro 5 Spore traps for spore collecting.  This is done to determine if mold spore counts filtered fromthe indoor air are unusually high in coomparison to the mold spore count filtered from the air just outside your property.  It also indicates types of modl at the property.

This is a typical and basic test that is often done as part of a professional mold inspection routine.  Other types of mold sampling may be required, depending on visible conditions. These may include - but are not limited to - the following:

  • viable spore sampling using an Zephon Impactor Plate
  • mold spore sampling of carpet by utilizing a carpet cassette
  • surface-surfaces or surface samples obtained with the aid of swabs and/or simple, clear tape
  • bulk samples taken by cutting away actual small samples of building materials contaminated with modl (such samples are sent to our testing lab for analysis)


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