Phase 5 - Reporting and Remediation - - Jackson, MS

Phase 5 - Reporting and Remediation


What we see will be recorded and written report will provide for you that will collaborate with any lab findings from Aerotech.  Written reports of findings as well as printed lab results specifying what types of mold were found will be provided to you.  Only when a professional inspector has reported locations of visible mold infestation and a lab specializing in mold analysis has analyzed the types of mold on your property can you know what you are up against.  Much of the time, mold growth is not substantial or toxic; but, occasionally, mold is found that constitutes a problem for you and your family's health.  Such problems must be dealth with before they get worse.


We at Wilson's are indoor air quality evaluators who are certified mold inspectors, not remediators.  Our primary business goals are to provide you with mold inspection, testing and advice concerning remediation.  In most cases remediation may not be needed - just the implementation of sanitization solutions.

The mold inspection and testing shall be performed in accordance with IAQA accepted standards and in accordance with the IAQA Code of Ethics as established by the IAQA Board of Directors.

The Evaluation and Testing fee, and any report based on the inspection and testing conducted, is based on a single visit to the property.  Additional fees may be charged for any subsequent visits required by the client.  Building materiels supporting fungal growth must be remediated as rapidly as possible in order to ensure a healthy environment.

Repair of the defects that led to water accumulation (or elevated humidity) should be conducted in conjunction with or prior to fungal remediation.  Specific methods of assessing and remediating fungal contamination should be based on the extent of visible contamination and underlying damage.  The simplest and most expedient remediation that is reasonable, and properly and safely removes fungal contamination, should be used. 

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