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I may have mold growing in my home. What do I do?

When you are experiencing the symptoms of mold exposure, or you suspect that you may have mold growing due to water damage, there are a few choices available to you.

First, you can purchase a cheap do-it-yourself kit.  The results of these are highly suspect.  Remember, it is your health and your property.  You only get what you pay for.

Secondly, you could contract with a mold remediation company that also does inspections.  It begs the question: if you are paying someone who earns most of their income from mold removal, do you think that they are likely to discover mold?

They are likely to run a number of air tests to attempt to determine the presence of mold.  These are not 100% accurate, nor do they pinpoint the exact location of the mold.

As Certified Indoor Environmentalists, Wilson's has been trained and tested to offera  comprehensive overview of indoor air quality issues.  Laying IAQ groundwork and evaluating air conteminants, human pathogens, microbiology, environmental factors, investigation of problematic HVAC systems, ventilation issues and ASHRAE standards are only a few of the many factors that contribute to their thorough assessment.

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