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February 24, 2006

Lula wants to know . . .


I've read your story and was very impressed. When you weighed in this morning and lost 15 lbs. in 3 weeks, that's awesome. I'm like you, tried to eat right and exercise. I'm a true believer in exercising but the weight just does not seem to want to move. Please share with me your changed eating habits. I am a member of the YMCA and exercise constantly. I think my problem is weakness to sugars. I drink plenty of water. I believe you are on a 6 day exercise regimen. I work out at least 3-4 days per week. I know cardio and weight training is very important as well as proper diet. Please share with me one of your daily exercise regimens along with your diet plan.




Dear Lula,

The key is the eating and the portions, I have drastically changed my eating habits and no matter what, you have to be true to it. I too am a sweet-a-holic and was always prone to go back for seconds at mealtime. The sugar has to go completely. And that was the toughest part for me.

Basically for breakfast I eat half a bagel wit ha little cream cheese and a banana. For lunch, soup, half a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Stay away from the Mayonnaise, use mustard. For dinner try lean meat, fish, pork, and vegetables. I try to eat a little something five times a day. Three meals and two snacks in between. Snacks like a handful of grapes, an orange, etc...

Before I go to bed I always liked to have a glass of skim milk and, in the past, would eat three or four cookies or a bowl of animal crackers, something like that. Now, 3 squares of graham crackers, or just a handful of animal crackers. A couple of cookies wouldn't be the end of the world.

I am trying not to get fanatic about the whole thing. I will get you a copy of the lists of foods you can eat and those you cannot and get it to you. Best thing is when you shop, read those labels! Make sure you have low sugar levels or none, sodium, and carbohydrates.

I'll be in touch!

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