Registration Instructions - - Jackson, MS

Registration Instructions


In order to be considered for participation in WLBT's Morning Glory campaign, choirs must submit an application packet containing the following:

  1. The official Morning Glory application form.
  2. A VHS copy ONLY of a recent performance.  Must be TYPED and properly labeled.  Include name of church, name of church choir and director, name of song and composer, division of contest i.e. small, medium or large choir.
  3. A short TYPED biography of the choir (attached single sheet).
  4. A short TYPED biography of the choir director (attached single sheet).
  5. A color photograph of the choir for publicity purposes.

WLBT will accept applications Monday, March 20 through Friday, April 7, 2006.  All entries mailed must be postmarked by midnight Friday, April 7, 206.  All applications hand delivered must be received Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the WLBT-TV 3 Studios located at 715 South Jefferson Street, Jackson, Mississippi  39201.

All registration materials must be enclosed inside an envelope clearly labeled:

Return Address:

  • Name of Church
  • Name of Church Choir
  • Mailing Address
  •  Small Church Choir (reference to competition division)

Addressed To:

  • Morning Glory
  • c/o WLBT-TV 3
  • 715 South Jefferson Street
  • Jackson, Mississippi  39201

SPECIAL NOTE:  Application materials WILL NOT be returned!

For more information, please contact Renae Wright, WLBT Sales & Marketing Specialist at (601) 960-4493

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