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Weight Management Overview

This is a medical weight management program that takes every individuals background and medical history into account before and during weight reduction and this is why we can offer the quick start program safely.

Our programs are physician designed and supervised and have been in use for over 20 years, so we know that they have been researched. We also make use of appetite suppressants if there are no health contraindications.

Nutritionally balanced flexible meal plans by our state of the art meal planning equipment.We make Use of various supplements as required to aid in achieving a quicker weight loss goal.

Behavioral modification as part of our comprehensive program will be monitored by a counselor during your weight reduction phase. We offer on line tools to help you continue our program with minimal interruption by using secured members area.

Our approach involves the total person, from nutritional, lifestyle, and exercise standpoints. We apply the most up to date research and thinking in our programs.

Maintenance is a key aspect of our program and most of our successful clients stay involved through the maintenance phase to facilitate their commitment to lifestyle changes in eating and exercise habits.

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