Associate Degree of Applied Science


The Associate Degree of Applied Science in Health Information Technology in Medical Coding Specialist Program equips the graduate with the technical skills and communication ability to be an immediate asset to a wide range of health care providers and insurers.

Every service (test, office, visit, injection, surgical procedure, etc.) in the delivery of medical care has a numerical code associated with it so that companies who pay the claims (health insurance companies, HMO's, etc.) can easily identify the patient's problem. Everything has a code: office call, simple urine test to complex brain surgery, even complaints like headache and upset stomach.

Medical Coders work in hospitals, doctors offices, health clinics, nursing homes, community nursing/health centers, urgent care facilities, health insurance companies, billing companies, just about any business involved with medical services. There is a movement to have some coding done as a home based business that calls for good business skills in addition to coding skills.

Antonelli graduates will have the training and ability to take the certification tests for Certified Professional Coder (CPC), which is offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders .

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