Apartments Condemned - - Jackson, MS

Jackson 04/20/06

Apartments Condemned

By Gene Adams

Residents at a Jackson apartment complex are busy looking for another place to live tonight after city officials condemned the building. 

Police say the owner of the apartments, Ellis Holder, owes utility bills to the tune of more than $10,000 in stolen electricty and water. Residents at all ten units have receipts from their rent- paid in full with utilities included. But their landlord, who was supposed to pay the bills never did.

When he was caught last week by Entergy, the power lines were severed. But Thursday morning, he was caught on the roof trying to re-connect the wires and steal electicity again, running lines from one meter to all ten units.

Housing Specialist Clara Spencer says, "It was very dangerous. It could have... fire could have started because of the illegal activity that was taking place. We asked tenants to move- they have to be condemned without proper utilities."

Tenant, Sheila Jackson, says, "The man's been bootlegging everything and we pay $125 a week and we didn't know."

City officials say they are collecting affadavits to charge ellis holder with felony grand larceny. But residents say there's little satisfaction, knowing despite paying their rent they'll now be moving in with friends or be placed in a homeless shelter.

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