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Getting Ready for Summer

Summer conjures up images of bathing suits, tank tops and short, not exactly comforting throughts when you're feeling self-conscious about your body.  Use spring as your springboard to weight loss to feel and look good by summer.

For starters, do some mental spring-cleaning.  Losing weight and keeping it off requires a change in attitudes, beliefs and behavior.  When you begin to make healthy choices you can feel great about the positive steps you're taking toward a healthier lifestyle!  So replace any stress and guilt you feel about being overweight with positive thoughts of your efforts.

Next, ease back into an exercise routine if the cold weather has turned you into a hibernating couch potato all winter.  Begin with an easy walking regimen and stretching routine for a few weeks.  By the time summer rolls around, your body will be ready for more vigorous activities like tennis and swimming.

Finally, use spring as a time of rebirth when it comes to your meal plans.  Get out of your winter rut and try new fruits and vegetables.  Look for new, healthier ways to prepare some of your old favorites.  If you have left, rejoin our program and try some of our weight management products that you've never tried before.  For example, if you swear by our pudding shakes, try some of our fruit drinks for a refreshing change.  Or, if you've shied away from snacks before, taste some of our flavorful nutrition bars or creamy ShapeWise Chews to satisfy cravings between meals.

When you follow the above tips, you'll prepare both your body and your mind for summer.

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