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What kind of results can I expect?

VLCDs deliver rapid weight loss - typically, three to four pounds per week, for an average of 42 pounds in 12 weeks.  Your results will depend on many factors, including your starting weight, other medical conditions, and individual program design.

Does the program offer other benefits besides weight loss?

The many potential health benefits include lower blood pressure, lower blood-sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes, lower serum cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced pain in weight-bearing joints.  Weight loss with a VLCD can reduce or eliminate the need for related medications.  Self-esteem and energy levels can also soar dramatically!

What do the supplements taste like?

Good news here!  The shakes, puddings, soups and nutrition bars for this program are delicious and available in a variety of flavors.  They'll help you stagve off "diet fatigue" and give you the flavor and satisfaction you crave.

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