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What This Program Provides

It's great to lose weight for cosmetic reasons, but please - take a moment to consider the important health benefits associated with weight reduction.  Even moderate weight loss can decrease your risk of many diseases, including heart disease, gallbladder disease, kidney problems, diabetes, osteoarthritis and certain types of cancer.

Advanced Health Systems is a medically supervised, comprehensive program designed to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight.  The program is customized to fit your individual needs, utilizing the most up-to-date scientific information along with the support and guidance of your physician.

The Advanced Health Systems program provides you with:

Proper Nutrition
We make "eating less" easy for you with great tasting, nutritional food products and easy to follow meal plans that include everyday foods.  In addition, you will gain an understanding of the connection between good nutrition and good health, which will help you reach and maintain your goal weight.

A "Friendly" Lite Exercise Program
Our unique program is designed to increase your metabolic (calorie burning) rate, making it easier for you to lose weight.  You will feel more energetic in your healthy new lifestyle as activity in yoru daily routine becomes second nature.

Positive Lifestyle Changes
We will help you understand and modify the behaviors which contribute to your overweight condition and learn healthy alternatives.  These positive lifestyle changes will help ensure your long-term success and reduce your risk of disease.

A Lifetime Achievement
The Advanced Health Systems program for weight management is a partnership between you and your doctor - with all the support you need to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.  The results will speak for themselves - a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle.

Ask your doctor how you can get started today!

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