Greater Faith Worship Center Mass Choir - - Jackson, MS

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Greater Faith Worship Center Mass Choir

Greater Faith Worship Center Mass Choir

In July 2003, a group of people met at the Greenleaf Baptist church for a choir rehearsal set by Pastor J.L Hammitte, Jr. to organize a choir for his church, Greater Faith Worship Center.  We sang, ate breakfast and elected officers.  Pastor Hammitte appointed the President and Vice President.  All other officers were elected.  The officers were as follows:

(Appointed Officers)

  • President : Barbara Willis
  • Co-President : Alfredia Wallace
  • Vice President : Sheva Jones
  • Secretary : Carolyn Wyatt
  • Assistant Secretary : Barbara Hall
  • Treasurer : Johnnie B. Sanders
  • Assistant Treasurer : Julie Hammitte
  • Chaplain : Maddie Ruth Hall
  • Sgt-at-Arms : Brian Hall and Mark McArthur

The Pastor and President duscussed a name, we came up with "Greater Faith Worship Center Mass Choir."  President, Barbara Willis, suggested the name and the pastor agreed.

Sis. Helen Johnson would work us so hard, especially with our vocal exercises, sometimes we could get it and sometimes we could not and boy would she yell and fuss if we couldn't.

The choir traveled to various towns in the Mississippi - Louisiana area.  We've sung at funerals, weddings, benefit programs, church services, nursing homes and community activities.  We have a great musical department where First Lady Julie Hammitte is our Minister of Music and Organist, Corey Wells - Bass Guitarist, Eddie D. Rankin - Drummer, Jacob Felton - Keyboard, Travonti Hill - Keyboard and Mark Buck - backup Keyboard and Organist.  Robert Watson was our Lead Guitarist but is no longer with us.  Samuel R. Hendricks of Natchez, Mississippi, occasionally assits in our musical department as vocal coach and organist.

Presently we have approximately 95 members.  The current officers, who were elected in July 2005 are as follows:

  • President : U'Landa Rankin Danzy
  • Vice President : Sheva Dean Jones
  • Secretary : Brenda K. Rankin
  • Assistant Secretary : Casnicita Gray
  • Treasurer : Julie Hammitte
  • Assistant Treasurer : Bettye Jackson
  • Chaplain : Edna Smith
  • Sgt-at-Arms : Barbara Willis / Sherry McDonald / Vanessa Wells
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    Brian K. Hall Bio

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