Brian K. Hall Bio - - Jackson, MS

Greater Faith Mass Choir

Brian K. Hall Bio

Brian K. Hall is the son of Mrs. Maddie Ruth Hall of Fayette, Mississippi.  Brian has a lovely wife, Barbara and one son, Dennis.  He has been married for eleven and a half years and is a graduate of Jefferson County High School and represents the class of 1989.  He is a member of the Rose Hill #1 Baptist Church where Rev. Ernest Ford Jr. is the pastor.  He currently serves as the Director and Vice President of the Rose Hill #1 Choir.  He is also an associate member of the Greater Faith Worship Center and serves as one of the directors of the Greater Faith Mass Choir.  He also serves as manager of the Mighty Clouds of Harmony of Fayette, Mississippi.  The Mighty Clouds of Harmony is a gospel group of some very talented young men who have been together working for Christ for more than 12 years.  Brian currently works with the Jefferson County School District where he has been employed for over 13 years as a Bus Driver and member of the Food Services Department.

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