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Springhill Inspirational Choir

Springhill Inspirational Choir

The Springhill Inspirational Choir was established at Springhill M.B. Church in 1995 becoming one of the first inspirational choirs in Claiborne County. At the request of then pastor, Rev. Douglas Harris, Pamela Goldsberry accepted the task of starting a new choir at the church. Upon realizing the sincere interest and availability of resources ( voices and a musician ), she put the wheels in motion. SHIC began its journey with Tyrone Harris as musician, Loretta Ryals as president, Pamela Goldsberry as Vice-President, Angie Barnes as secretary, Carlette Goldsberry as assistant secretary, Vermeka Williams as chaplain and approximately sixteen additional glorious voices.

SHIC had the people and the music but felt they needed additional assistance. They summoned the talents of Vanessa Chambliss as directress. The choir grew to nearly 30 members and soon became the "travelling" choir, representing the church at most programs in the area. Their non-traditional, contemporary, choreographed singing brought a revived spirit to services they attended. SHIC has survived many trials and changes across the years. Experiences such as absence of a pastor, continuously changing choir membership, searching for musicians, conflict of characters, and just plain, hard work have created a strong, family-like bond within the choir. Through these experiences we have been blessed with the current musicians, Karen Baker - pianist and Charlie Gross - percussionist and have been crowned with the title - "The Small Choir with the Big Praise." Where two or three are gathered, we will continue to praise.

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