Vanessa Chambliss-Norman Bio - - Jackson, MS

Springhill Inspirational Choir

Vanessa Chambliss-Norman Bio

Vanessa Chambliss-Norman has been singing for the Lord most of her life. A typical Sunday while growing up would usually consist of her and her mother attending at least on choir program, church / pastor's anniversary or group / quartet program as an evening worship in addition to morning services. She joined the choir at Pine Grove Christian Church ( her home church ) as a pre-teen, singing with mostly adults. Her interest in directing developed years later at Tougaloo College while singing with the Tougaloo College Gospel Choir. Having been raised in a small, traditional church setting, she had not really been exposed to this part of the music ministry. However, she gladly accepted responsibility as one of the directors of TCGC as a freshman at Tougaloo. She fell in love with this ministry. After graduating, Vanessa returned to Claiborne County. She was soon asked to help with a newly-developed, local choir. In 1992 she began directing Rose Hill Inspirational Choir. This was "her" first choir, her baby. With much prayer and even more spiritual guidance, she helped to develop this choir into one of the most respected choirs in the area. She then recognized her place in God's ministry. Directing was definitely her comfort zone. Having been asked by several choirs to work with them, she finally accepted the call to serve with a second choir. In 1995 she began directing Springhill Inspirational Choir. Since that time she has worked with several area choir workshops as directress and has other choirs. Currently, she directs for Pine Grove Christian Church ( main, male and children's choirs ), Rose Hill Inspirational Choir, Springhill Inspirational Choir and New Popular Grove Choir ( Utica, Mississippi ). She says as long as the Lord blesses her with mobility, she will continue to work for Him in this ministry. When she is no longer mobile, but still has breath, she will continue to praise through song or even just a moan. But she will always praise the Lord. He's from where her joy comes.

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