Beware of "Debt Management Agencies", "Credit Management Agencies" and the Like - - Jackson, MS

Beware of "Debt Management Agencies", "Credit Management Agencies" and the Like

These entities often try to emulate or copy the benefits you get from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. DON'T BE MISLED BY THESE COMPANIES!

Often, these companies hold themselves out as "not for profit" companies. Many times these companies are mere functionaries for credit card companies and other lenders. Who do you think pays their bills? President Bush? Dick Cheney? Haley Barbour?

YOU DO NOT GET BANKRUPTCY COURT PROTECTION FROM THESE ENTITIES. Furthermore, the "debt management" and repayment plans offered by these entities have a history of being poorly administered with recurring stories of lost payments, stolen payments, misapplied payments, and ultimate failure.

Under the "new law" which was bought and paid for by the credit card companies and corporate America, CONGRESS HAS ATTEMPTED TO FORCE LAWYERS AND LAW FIRMS TO MAKE MISREPRESENTATIONS TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE BENEFIT OF CREDIT CARD COMPANIES AND CORPORATE AMERICA, by requiring bankruptcy lawyers to state that they are "Debt Relief Agencies". Debt relief agencies are not licensed to represent you in a Bankruptcy Court or any other court of law.

WE ARE NOT A "DEBT RELIEF AGENCY". We are licensed ATTORNEYS AT LAW. We are a LAWYERS who concentrate our practices in the area of consumer bankruptcy law. We can represent you in Bankruptcy Court. Furthermore, unlike any so-called "debt management plan", any payments you make pursuant to a Chapter 13 Plan are monitored by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system for the United States of America, the office of the United States Trustee, and the Chapter 13 Standing Trustee appointed by the United States Bankruptcy Court and assigned to your case. You will get credit for every Chapter 13 Plan payment that you make. Every six months while you are in Chapter 13 you will receive a very detailed statement of each and every receipt and disbirsement made in your Chapter 13 case.

We have had many clients over the years who have wasted thousands of dollars on bogus, fraudulent and just plain poorly managed "debt management plans" who end up seeking Bankruptcy Court protection and professional representation in the end. Don't waste your money, time of future with these "debt management" outfits!

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