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Seek Help Before Filing Bankruptcy

If you are having overwhelming financial difficulties, you should seek advice and assistance from a veteran bankruptcy attorney. Knowledgeable and committed bankruptcy attorneys will not only direct you through bankruptcy proceedings, but will provide you with payment options and reasonable fees. Ask a respected attorney, who specializes in bankruptcy law, to assist you in determining your financial situation and if and how to file bankruptcy.

Choosing a reliable and respected bankruptcy attorney is the first step to stopping the never-ending phone calls and letters from your creditors. After listing your income, assets, expenses, debts and other personal information, you and your attorney will file a bankruptcy petition in court. Listing your applicable, rightful exemptions will keep your creditors from repossessing property from you. The court will appoint a bankruptcy trustee and enter an Automatic Stay which will keep creditors from seeking other ways to reclaim debts outside of bankruptcy court. The Automatic Stay will not only stop the aggravation of creditors bothering you, but will keep your property in your hands.

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