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Documentation and Education


Copies of your six (6) most recent checking account, savings account, or any other bank account statements, credit union statements, brokerage account statements, and any and all other statements from any financial institution.

Copies of your most recently filed State and Federal income tax returns. Please note that Section 521(e) of the Bankruptcy Code requires that you furnish the Bankruptcy Trustee a copy of the most recent year's federal tax return and failure to do so will result in dismissal of the bankruptcy case.

Copies of all paycheck stubbs, payroll stubbs, evidence of direct deposits, Social Security statements, retirement income statements and any and all other documents reflecting your total income for the six (6) month period immediately preceeding the bankruptcy petition.

Copies of all bills, such as your most recently received credit card statements, hospital bills, department store account statements, including copies of any communications from collection agencies or attorneys related to these debts.

Copies of any Summons, Complaint, Judgment or any other legal documents or communications that you have received.

Copies of any and all loan agreements and financing statements and documentation. It is VERY important that we have these documents as we may be able to reduce the debt for automobiles and other items of personal property that you may have financed or pledged as collateral depending on the date of the particular transaction.


Prior to receiving a bankruptcy discharge, you must complete a personal financial management course.

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