Talk Back 3 - Perverted Justice - - Jackson, MS

Talk Back 3 - Perverted Justice

Dear Marsha:

You have done an excellent job in your recent reporting on this disturbing behavior of some of our Mississippi citizens.  I wanted to bring to your attention an angle of the story that you may want to include in your upcoming reports.  I will let you and WLBT decide whether it is news worthy --- I submit to you that it is. 

Approximately 6 months ago David Pillow (Founder and original owner of Pillow Donuts located on Old Canton Rd) sold all of his interest (as I understand it) in Pillow Donuts to a first time business owner whose name I do not know.  Subsequent to the recent developments concerning Mr. Pillow, the donut shop has lost most of its usual customers (including my family) as I presume, most people believe that Mr. Pillow is still affiliated with this establishment.  It was only this weekend that I learned that Mr. Pillow has no interest in the establishment any longer.  As I understand it, after the initial story was aired customers simply stopped coming in for fear that they were contributing money to a suspected deviant. 

Clearly the individual that purchased the shop has been dealt a bad hand and I truly believed that Mississippians and more specifically Jacksonians would appreciate hearing that David Pillow has nothing to do with his former establishment. 

Thanks again for your excellent work and keep the updates coming, this story has galvanized attention like none I have ever seen.


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