Talk Back 3 - Perverted Justice - - Jackson, MS

Talk Back 3 - Perverted Justice

Ms. Thompson,

I applaud you and WLBT for your excellent coverage of the Hinds County Sheriff's Department's and the Hinds County District Attorney's Perverted Justice sex sting operation in Byram, Mississippi.

As a Computer Science instructor at _______________, for the past several semesters I have been referring my students to NBC's Dateline reports on sex sting operations around the country. You and the WLBT news team have shown that the problem of online predators is not someone else's problem. Central Mississippi is the home to the same type of sexual predators that the rest of the country's children meet everyday via the Internet.

I would like to make your reports required reading/viewing for every parent, grandparent and parent to be that takes Basic Computer Concepts (where I teach). What steps must I take to obtain permission to use your reports in my classroom? Is there any way to obtain a CD/DVD with the complete set of your Three On Your Side reports?

If permission cannot be granted, I ask you and WLBT to please make your report a permanent addition to your web site so I can send my students to that web page. I am sure there are other educators that would take advantage of this series if it were available to them.

Once again, thank you.


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