Talk Back 3 - Separate but Unequal - - Jackson, MS

Talk Back 3 - Separate but Unequal

I found Tom Brokaw's expose' on the urban blight within the Jackson community shed light on the specific urban decay in our inner city, post desegregation. Your poll question, "Do you think Tom Brokaw ['s] special report is a fair representation of Jackson," I find to be a bit misleading. Since this program specifically targeted the blighted inner city of Jackson, and not the city as a whole, unequivocally, YES, he did an admarable job to shed light on this ever-alarming condition that has permeated our city for many years that certain powers wish to cover up or dismiss because it doesn't affect them. I applaude Tom Brokaw for revealing to all America how socio-economic factors and lack of interest and opportunities in our inner city has continued to perpetuate urban decay in the city of Jackon. Until we ALL, collectively, play a more proactive role, networking to fix the problems that exist, we will continue to reap a harvest of apathy, abandonment, and aggravated criminal activity.

Hopeless conditions continue to breed fearless citizenry.

Now, maybe we can get a movie theater!



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