Talk Back 3 - Separate but Unequal - - Jackson, MS

Talk Back 3 - Separate but Unequal

Yes, the NBC program, "Separate And Unequal" was a fair representation of the facts. Crime is a problem, due in part to low achievement among blacks in the Jackson area, and due in part to the continued forced segregation and racism against blacks by whites here. While not all whites contributed to the problems, not all blacks have created the problems and many on both sides of the divide are working to improve the situation.

Your question however is not fair. The question will not generate the response the network broadcast deserves. The question, as it is posed, will only serve to further polarize the metro area. In addition to this simplistic question, the fact that the voice mailbox number you provided for call-ins (800-748-9710) was full by 7:10 this evening, and no other messages could be left, demonstrates your disinterest in getting responses from the very people the program profiled. If you were genuinely interested in a scientific poll, you would have enlarged that mailbox to gather valid data. Shame on you.


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