Talk Back 3 - Separate but Unequal - - Jackson, MS

Talk Back 3 - Separate but Unequal

I just finished viewing the story Separate but Unequal and found it to be quite disturbing, but true.  I am a college senior and feel that as an African American, I don't fit into the typical stereotype that so many African Americans face in Jackson. I am just as afraid to go to certain parts of Jackson as any outsider, but then again, with all of the racism that continues in Mississippi, I am just as afraid to travel to Jackson's suburbs.  There is a simple solution to turn Jackson's crime rate around: PARENTS!  I know several individuals who have been raised in a single parent household and are in college, striving to become a successful member of society.  It's not the "hip hop" culture either because I listen to "rap" music and find myself being solely entertained by it.  My parents experienced certain fads that I'm sure my grandparents thought were corrupting them, yet they turned out just fine. The question still remains... Why are so many teens today so lost, violent, and unmotivated?  Parents should stop befriending their children and be real parents. On an average, I feel that most kids become unmotivated at some point or another.  It takes dedicated parents to work with and mold children to become successful and prominent members of today's cruel society. 



P.S. I also thought it may be interesting to see how many of the "troubled" individuals from Lanier had an open relationship with God and were members of a church compared to those honors students. Does religion play a role in the outcome of a person's success in life?

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