Talk Back 3 - Child Abuse Video - - Jackson, MS

Talk Back 3 - Child Abuse Video

I am appalled at the behavior of this mother toward a child, more so her own!  I agree with the charges filed against her, however, I also believe that ALL persons present at the time should be charged as well!  The two men who held this child down should be charged with felony child abuse along with the mother, while all other parties present should be charged with child endangerment at the least.  It was obvious there was illegal activity taking place within the home by many of these present, including, but not limited to the alleged smoking of marijuana.  The truth of the matter, however, any other person present in the home should have stepped forward for that child!  Discipline is one thing, but this was assault of a child!  I sincerely hope that our legal system pursues prosecution of ALL parties shown in this home during this assault.


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